You Don't Want to Miss These Speakeasy-style Bars in Capitol Hill


Looking for a secluded spot with amazing cocktails? Discover these hidden speakeasy bars in Capitol Hill.

When Prohibition ended in 1933, the need for speakeasies quickly faded. Still, nostalgia for these hidden gems lives on, and over the years, new ones have popped up behind bookshelves, walls, and even stadium scoreboards across Seattle. Today speakeasy bars continue to be off the grid, often known only by rumor and entered by password. But instead of bootleg gin, modern speakeasies serve specialty cocktails that can include such ingredients as eucalyptus and pomegranate shrub. And they don’t skimp when it comes to design either. These cozy hideaways boast chesterfield sofas, glittering chandeliers, and plenty of mood lighting. Read on to discover the best speakeasies in Capitol Hill, which prove that although Prohibition didn’t survive, the charm of these secluded bars certainly did.

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