SOLIS’s Developer, Marc Coluccio Among the Expert Panelists at 2018 BISNOW Multifamily Annual Conference Pacific Northwest


SOLIS’s developer, Marc Coluccio recently joined fellow industry leaders as a panelist at Bisnow’s 2018 Multifamily Annual Conference Pacific Northwest. At the Seattle event, over 300 people gathered for a robust conversation about the Seattle pivot to homeownership after years of low supply and rising prices. Marc and fellow panelists discussed hot topics including land deals, financing, design, construction, and operations — and how they contribute to the “Condo Comeback”. Key themes from the panel’s discussion include:

Rising demand for homeownership translates to more housing inventory: State of the “Condo Comeback” 

Despite a saturated apartment market following the recession, there is a definite need for more condominiums in the near future as renters are seeking homeownership to lock in their housing costs and participate in equity gains in what’s become the fastest-growing large city in the U.S.

In-Demand Amenities: Sustainability & Affordable Housing

The industry is always looking for ways to make housing more affordable while also contributing to a positive, well-rounded experience for the community. Developers can provide a well-rounded experience through careful planning.

Drawing from his experience as a developer, Marc works to create innovative housing models with sustainable crate construction and community-oriented design.

Author’s Note: SOLIS is scheduled to break ground on Monday, 9/24 at 10:00 a.m. at 13th& Pike Street. Nearly half of the 45 units were placed into contract with several back up positions. Register to reserve your new condominium at

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